OTCC Membership

Interested in becoming a member of OTCC?

There are several types of OTCC membership listed below.

All new members must submit a membership form & pay their dues.

Membership forms must have two Club member sponsors, be read at two monthly General Membership Meetings, & be voted on.

Dues can be paid using the Buy Now links below or in person at the monthly meeting.

Renew your membership on the Renewal page!            

Paying dues does NOT automatically make a person a member.

Note - Dues that are submitted without a membership form are good until the end of the physical year. At that time, if the Club has not received a membership application to match the dues that were submitted, they will be considered a Club donation.

Regular Membership ($10.00)

Regular members in good standing are eligible to vote, hold office, receive reduced training fees, and to use club equipment and facilities. (Must attend two meetings prior to being voted on.)

Associate Membership ($7.00)

Associate members enjoy all the benefits of regular membership except that they may not vote or hold office and are not eligible for reduced training fees. Associate members may use OTCC equipment if accompanied by a regular member.  There is no annual meeting attendance requirement.

Junior Membership ($5.00)

Junior members are under 18 years of age. They can participate in all Club activities except for voting or holding elective offices. There is no annual meeting attendance requirement.

Household Membership ($15.00)

2 adult members in good standing residing in the same household. Each member will be eligible to vote and hold office.

Life Members (No Dues)

Lifetime Membership may be granted by a majority vote of the Board of Directors to any member of the Club who has been a member in good standing for 25 years or more. They enjoy all the priviledges of a Regular Member.